Bottle Your Honeymoon Memories With Postcards!

So, when you go on your honeymoon with your honey, you bottle up the goodness that you want to live with forever and ever. You’ll cherish the days of relaxation and adventure with your new spouse by taking advantage of the location that you chose. Whether you decide to go with the sunny and warm beach or the cool and crisp mountains, you’ll have a blast because you’re together. So how can you “bottle” this forever?

Each day of your honeymoon, where ever you go, write down what you did that day on the post card. Did you go horseback riding on the beach or mountain climbing to the top of the mountain? Did you go the best restaurant recommended by the locals? Or did you picnic on the ledge of a cliff? No matter what you did, even if you stayed in bed all day, document it with a quick detail of what you did, the date, and the price of what you were doing.

So Many Details

By writing the date, what you did, and the price, you’ll be able to look back on them years from now and see what you did. You can even carry these details with you for the rest of time. You can show your kids and grandkids what you did to celebrate (and relax) the love you both share. How cool will it be to look back 50 years from now and see what you did and the price change of each item. Heck! You can even adopt this tradition when you go on family vacations too! Don’t forget to sign them!

To Prepare

To prepare for this, it isn’t hard, but you’ll want to save yourself the hassle and prepare forehand. You know you won’t want to go to the post office on your honeymoon. Be sure to get your stamps from home beforehand. You’ll more than likely be able to find postcards at the gift shop at your honeymoon destination, just buy one for everyday! More than likely you’ll be able to mail them at the end of your stay by giving them to the front desk with postage on them! You’ll get them in the mail a few days later!

Have Fun With It

Make sure that you have fun with what you write. Be expressive and happy with what you write. Draw little pictures or make little faces. Take turns writing each post card, or both write one and address them to each other so that when you get home you can have mail waiting for you! Who doesn’t love getting mail?? On top of getting mail, you’ll also have a fun recap of what you did in the others’ perspective!

Craft With Them

Once you are home and you’re finished writing your thank you cards, be sure to do something crafty with your neat little souvenirs! If you have the time and the talent! Scrapbook with them. If you want, bind them together and make them into a book (Tip: Laminate them so that they stay in tact over the years). Please them in a photo album to keep them safe and put pictures from your honeymoon in there with them. You’ve literally just made your own book! How cool!

Who would have thought that postcards could be such an awesome thing to have for your honeymoon. I mean, of course, you think about them when you’re on vacation with your family and you buy them for you uncle that collects them or you send them to your nieces and nephews to show them that you were thinking about them. When you go on your honeymoon, be sure to think about the postcard approach to bottle your memories!

Happy planning!

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