After Your Wedding – Setting Up A Family Investment For Your Future Together

After your wedding, it is a good idea to set up some investments. Here are three tips for setting up a family investment.


Investing in the property market has always been regarded as a smart move for those of us with a little spare cash hanging about. Becoming a landlord and renting your properties out to tenants is a clever means of generating additional income. Buy a small apartment for rent and get a stable passive income! This source of funds may even allow you to take a break from work to go to travel or change the scope of activities that can temporarily lower your income, and thus remain afloat. Real estate rarely depreciates, so once you need money just sell it at a higher price than spent on the acquisition and remain in the win. Or, in the distant future, it can give shelter to one of your descendants – why not begin to think about future generations now?

Gold and silver

If the amount that you have got after the wedding is not enough to purchase real estate, don`t give up. Gold is a universal currency, and therefore worth keeping hold of. Physical gold is widely available in the form of bullion coins. If you’re looking to invest in gold that is not only financially but also aesthetically and historically valuable, look to buy old gold coins. If you’re tempted to invest in gold, research the gold market in detail, and familiarize yourself with the past and predicted market fluctuations.


Invest in wine

Fine-wine investments are renowned for producing profitable returns. Fine grade wines are a valuable commodity and an item of interest for wine fans looking to make a profitable investment. The most sought-after winds are usually produced in small batches – consisting of a maximum of 20 bottles- and it is the discrepancy between supply and demand that makes fine wines so valuable. The quality of a fine wine increases over time, as does its value; potential investors should, therefore, bear in mind the amount of time required to turn a profit. According to the experts, if you’re planning on initiating a successful investment venture, you’ll need to have about $ 10,000 invested in wine. If this seems a pretty hefty sum, begin by regularly buying bottles of fine wine and building your collection from there. Keep in mind though that any wine bought to start a collection is strictly not for consumption (at least not yours). 


There is definitely money to be made in collecting art. The art game can be extremely complicated, so it’s imperative that you do your research before you start. Visit galleries and art auctions to determine your likes and dislikes and to get an understanding of what’s selling and what’s not. That said, there’s no point investing in pieces that don’t appeal to you. Go for pieces that mean something to you or invest in local, popular talent.

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